Being the Eye of the Hurricane: Staying Calm despite Chaos around You

How do we come to terms with the reality that sometimes, bad things happen to good people? That bad behaviors aren't always punished? And if the world outside is chaotic, and seems out-of-control, what can we do about it? Through mindfulness, we can focus our energies inward to learn to become the eye of the hurricane.

Counseling Psychology vs. Clinical Psychology

Many times I've spoken with people in the psychology field or interested in the psychology field who have no idea what "Counseling Psychology" is and often have misperceptions about it, although they've heard of Clinical Psychology. I'd like to break down the differences and similarities in the current field of psychological practice.

Parent/Caregiver Responses to LGBTQ Children Coming Out - Affirming Parenting

It happens. Out of the blue, your child comes out to you. What do you do? Maybe your first reaction is shock, fear, dread, shame, or for others, maybe pride in your child's courage. But what will you say? How you respond initially and over time may in large part determine how your child will adjust and develop identity and sense of safety in the home.